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Dayton Sanitation/Disinfecting Services


We are here for all your biohazard sanitation and disinfecting needs in Dayton. Biohazard cleanup is a sensitive process that requires property equipment and care. Our dedicated team of professionals can meet your needs and leave your property in pristine condition.  

We proudly offer you customized business sanitation services, commercial sanitation, professional sanitation oversight, immediate response sanitation, comprehensive building sanitation, in-depth sanitation assessments, commercial disinfecting services, office disinfecting, customized disinfection services, school disinfection services and more in the Dayton area.

What is Sanitation?

Sanitizing involves reducing the number of microorganisms on surfaces to levels considered safe by public health standards. It is a milder process compared to disinfection and may not kill all types of microbes, rather just gives your space a good clean.

What is Disenfecting?

Disinfecting refers to the process of using chemical agents to kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria, and viruses, applied to surfaces, objects, or spaces to destroy or deactivate harmful microorganisms, reducing the risk of infection or disease transmission.

Does Faith Environmental Crime Scene Cleanup do both Sanitation and Disenfecting?

Yes! We proudly offer a cleaning plan fit for your needs, whether sanitation or disinfecting is involved. 

To start a conversation with the clean-up professionals at Faith Environmental Crime Scene Cleanup, reach out now.

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