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At Faith Environmental Crime Scene Cleanup, we are proud to offer you all the resources and information you need for your sanitation needs. Read more below. 

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The Importance of Cleaning Before Repairs and Maintenance

Have you ever wondered if professional cleaning is needed before conducting repairs and maintenance for your business building? While it may seem like an unnecessary step, there are several advantages...

School Cleaning for the Summer

As the school year ends, it's the perfect time to give your school a thorough cleaning.  
Have you ever wondered what lurks in the corners and crevices of your school that regular maintenance may not ...

What You Need to Know for Cleaning a Recently Purchased Commercial Building

Congratulations on your recent commercial building purchase!  

Purchasing a building is a significant milestone for any business owner. As this is an exciting time, it is essential to remember that the...

What is the Difference Between Cleaning, Sanitation, and Disinfection?

Your spaces need to be clean. Not only does cleanliness enhance appearance and make spaces more inviting, but regular maintenance also helps keep the people who live and work in your buildings safe an...

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